What Is Sojourn?

SOJOURN is a tabletop roleplaying game of exploration, dungeon-crawling, and discovery within dark halls, mystic ruins, and the wilderness of the fantastical. Choose your own path forward, then roll the dice to find out what happens.

Why Sojourn?

SOJOURN is fast-playing and easy-to-learn. Skip the studying and jump right into the action! SOJOURN’s simple yet robust rules reward creative play and imaginative approaches to challenges while offering advanced character options for players who love to customize. SOJOURN brings to the table:
  • Exciting, streamlined, and flexible adventuring rules.
  • Quick and intuitive character creation.
  • A rulebook layout designed for learning through play.
  • High compatibility with your favorite adventures.
  • Minimal bookkeeping and number-crunching.
  • Unique character class abilities and magic.
  • Easy customization for new classes and monsters.
  • A fresh take on the best mechanics of old-school AND new-school design:
    • A unified D20 system with optional Advantage/Disadvantage.
    • 4 intuitive abilities in place of attribute scores, bonuses, and saving throws.
    • 4 basic classes + 12 advanced specialties for players to choose from and customize.
    • Infinitely customizable class features provide advanced players the freedom to build one-of-a-kind characters.
    • Level-less spells with risk-reward power-scaling. Yes, your level 1 Mage can attempt to cast Teleport, if they dare! And the simple spells they begin the game with remain useful forever.
    • Vancian, mana-powered, and dice-derived spellcasting options.
    • Simple slot-based inventory with optional mechanics to abstract supplies and ammo.
    • Options to keep nearly all dice rolls player-facing. For instance, players can roll to defend instead of passively waiting to learn whether monsters successfully attack them.
    • Fast, light-weight, and dangerous combat lets player creativity shine without bogging sessions down resolving a single encounter.

How Do I Play Sojourn?

The complete SOJOURN core book contains in 50 pages everything you need to start playing and to run your own games. Clear step-by-step instructions will take you from character creation to your first play session within the first 8 pages. Beyond that you will find advanced character customization options, world-building and game-running tools, a bestiary full of unique monsters to fill your worlds, and an entire beginner adventure.

MANOR CAMBIO: Rebel’s Rescue throws new characters into a high-stakes dungeon heist designed to take them from levels 1-3. The adventure rewards careful planning and imaginative play over brute force combat solutions. Thrilling challenges await even veteran parties who press on to uncover the manor’s deepest secrets.

So what are you waiting for?
Grab SOJOURN in print or PDF and start playing today!